Honda Garden Tiller Line-up


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Rear Tine

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Model: FR650K1C
Engine: 5.5hp Commercial Duty OHV GX160, 163cc
Tines: 20" Wide, 13" dia, Active (2-way) Rotating
Trans: 2 Forward, 1 Reverse
Dimensions: 57.1" long, 43.2" tall, 22.4" wide, 191.8 lbs.
Features: Lockable Differential for Effortless Turns
Features: ARS System, 2 tine sets turning opposite ways
Usage: State Of the Art Tilling for busting sod or gardens
Warranty: Three Years for Home or Commercial Use
Retail Price: $3499
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Model: FRC800K1C
Engine: 8.0 hp, Honda Commercial OHV GX240, 240cc
Tines: 20" Wide, 12" in diameter, forward rotating
Trans: 3 Forward, 1 Reverse
Dimensions: 65.4" long, 49" tall, 22" wide, 264.6 lbs.
Features: Extra Heavy Duty Construction All Around
Options: Furrower Attachment
Usage: Commercial or Rental Use
Warranty: Three Years for Home or Commercial Use