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Our Parts Department

Here at S.O.S. Power Sales or Service, we carry a very large stock of replacement parts. We supply parts for everything we sell (see all the Brand Names on our site) and for many brands of gas powered equipment we do not sell, such as AYP, MTD and Sears Craftsman. Whether you bought your gas powered equipment from us or not, we should be able supply the parts you require. We have been in business for 43 years, with our experience we know which parts to keep in stock so we have them on the premises ready for when you need them. Home owners and contractors alike can appreciate the satisfaction of being able to get the parts they need the day they need them.

When you need Parts..

S.O.S. Customer Advantage: If you bought your new equipment from us we have a computer record of its model and serial numbers, just give us your name and/or phone number and the information is just a few click away! Our computer records go back 20 years plus, so this holds true for older units too!

Before making your way in for parts, write down the make, model and serial number of your equipment, remember that if you need parts for the engine it has a separate model and serial number then the frame so we will need one or the other or both model and serial numbers. Most times it is easiest just to take a clear photo of model and serial numbers and bring that in on your phone. ALL equipment manufacturers put model and serial numbers on the frames of the equipment they produce and so do ALL engine manufactures. Frame or equipment model and serial numbers are generally on a non-removable plaque or sticker on the back of the machine or under the seat. Engine manufacturers generally stamp the model and serial numbers into the crankcase or metal shroud of the engine, such as the pull starter housing, valve cover or exhaust shield.

Engine Numbers 

Frame Numbers

No, the parts are not all the same..

There is a common misconception that all the parts are the same, Or if it looks like it, it should work. With experience we have learned you need to get the right part the first time and to get the right part we need to identify your equipment and engine by model and serial numbers!